Date: 2009-12-15 07:33 pm (UTC)
Very nice review, that I agree with 100%. The scenery (which includes the leading men) was pretty. The plot was petty (as you point out, a very worn out trope), and nothing to suggest some 19th Century men (genuine cowboys) went west so they could be gay and avoid societal disapproval (of course that's not the era in which the story takes place.) The only thing "important" about this film is that, like In & Out, it was a Big Hollywood Production intended for a wide (read: predominantly heterosexual) audience, which means women, and we're to feel sympathy for the leads and their dashed hopes (well, one of them) for a committed relationship. Gimme indy films over this tripe any day!

I liked Philadelphia (and better what Tom Hanks had to say in The Celluloid Closet.) I also liked Parting Glances and a host gay films better than Latter Days, which I concede had it's good moments, just not enough of them--though one former boyfriend was an ex-Mormon who discovered/acted on his sexuality with the same age missionary he'd been paired with. (They both left the LDS Church.)

FYI, you don't know me, tho' I'm a friend of ngnighthawk and dr tectonic. I doubt you'd find much in my journal of interest but if you did it would most likely be this: and even then, I'm not sure. I'm glad that Canada is far less homophobic than the U.S.
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